Phototext—”Through our new public offering, we can meet the demand of health companies that can be part of a larger group to reach out globally easier”, says Lucy Dahlgren, CEO and co-founder of THiS Group.

Stockholm, Nov. 18(CED) –The Board of Directors of THiS Less-is-more Group AB(THiS Group) has today decided to carry out a new public offering to meet the great demand of small and medium-sized companies in health and lifestyle to become part of a larger group and more easily reach out globally through an integrated business platform for expertise and financial capital.

Lucy Dahlgren, CEO of THiS Group, earlier founded Bayn Group, now is called Humble Group. She challenged the sugar industry earlier and now she challenges the whole health industry.

“For just over three years, we have built the company, which today is THiS Group. During this period of time, we have established a number of important partnership agreements with food and IT companies in Europe and Asia, which will be important pieces of the puzzle for our international expansion. Through this issue, we get the opportunity to quickly scale up the business to become a leading group of companies with a focus on health and a healthy lifestyle,” says Dahlgren, CEO and co-founder of THiS Group.

To meet the demand and requirement for transparency and sustainability, innovative solutions will be required throughout the entire production and supply chain. Manufacturers and suppliers need information about the origin and content of goods in order to be able to convey the information in the right way to retailers and consumers. Small and medium-sized enterprises often lack the financial capacity to take advantage of their knowledge in emerging markets, such as China and Southeast Asia. Many Nordic companies lack the ability to communicate with end customers in these markets, which means that they can neither explain their value propositions nor adapt products to customers’ needs.

Right now there is a shift towards healthier food and higher demands on sustainable consumption. According to several analysts, new generations will change the foundation of the FMCG market. International e-commerce has grown strongly in recent years, and according to the Swiss management company DKSH, the growth of e-commerce is largely expected to consist of healthy foods. To meet demand in the health area and develop the business platform and continue to build a strong corporate group, THiS Group now chooses to carry out a new round of share issue with the goal of listing the company in 2022.

The public listing proceeds will be distributed as follows over the next 12 months:

25% for product development

35% for marketing/sales

20% for administrative systems/equipment/working capital

20% to legal, organizational, administrative and work structure.

Current podcast

CEO Dahlgren participated in Framtidsbolagen’s podcast, which have been released recently. It gave an insight into THiS Group’s business model and acquisitions of companies. The episode can be found where podcasts are available. There is a Link on Spotify:

Public Offering conditions

Prior to the issue, the share capital amounts to 950,000 Swedish kronor divided into 10,000,000 ordinary shares. The quotient value per share amounts to 0.095 kronor. A maximum of 2,500,000 ordinary shares will be issued, which means an increase in the share capital of a maximum of 237,500.

In the case of a fully subscribed issue, a total of 20 million kronor will be provided to the company. The subscription price amounts to 8 kronor per share and the buying period runs between 18 November 2021 and 13 December 2021. The Board has the right to extend the subscription period. Allotment of shares takes place according to the “First come first served” principle, thus buying of shares takes place without priority for existing shareholders. One can buy shares via the company’s website,,

starting on 18 November. The existing shareholders has guaranteed 55% of share subscription.

Today on November 18, 2021, a complete investment memorandum will be published on the company’s website,

For more information

About public offering, you can contact:

About THiS Group, you can contact Lucy Dahlgren ,

Or you can contact Inger Söderholm,

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