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Stockholm, Aug. 24(CED) — Professor Andrea Rinaldo has received his Stockholm Water Prize from the hands of his Excellency Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf on Wednesday Evening.

Green Post and China Europe Dialogue founder and Chief Editor and reporter Xuefei Chen Axelsson has an exclusive interview with him today on Thursday Aug.24 at the Stockholm Water Front Congress Center’s Media Center.

The questions are as the following:

China-Europe Dialogue, two online media websites. and

Today we are lucky to have a chance to interview Professor Andrea Rinaldo, Stockholm Water Prize winner.

  1. Congratulations Professor Rinaldo! How did you feel when you received the prize from the hands of his excellency the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf last night?
  2. Why did you win this prize? What have you really invented or discovered in your research?
  3. You mentioned State Control, do you mean macro control with national effort in dealing with water issues?
  4. When you say population movement, do you mean mankind or water species?
  5. Your model has been used in Haiti and South Sudan, can you give example or specify a bit in how it worked?
  6. You think there will be more change in the future due to climate change, how should we prepare for it?
  7. Have you ever been to China? What is your comment on China’s water conservation policies and hydrological projects such as diverting water from the Yantze River to Beijing?
  8. Japan has decided to release its nuclear waste water into the sea, it is said that due to the movement of the waves, it will arrive in Chinese coastal areas sooner than other areas, what is your comment about it? Should Japan release the water this way?

To summarize, Professor found the self organized natural system that human being must co-exist with the nature.

GDP and Nature are not contradictory. Mankind must develop the economy in order to change the bad natural conditions and improve people’s living standards. At the same time, people must pay attention to the natural environment so that it will become better for people to live.

There is a price in the natural capital too. Meanwhile, equality is also very important. It is not balanced to have 20 percent of the people own the 80 percent of the wealth on earth.

Due to the climate change, it is obvious that the climate is becoming warmer and warmer, there will be more and more storms. People have to be prepared for this urgent problem.

The future is a bit difficult to predict. That is the rainy areas can have even more tropical rainy climate, while the dry areas can become even drier.

But still he is confident for the future in particular seeing the Stockholm Junior Water Prize. It is great to see these young people work and experiment with new technologies and innovations.

By Chinaeuropenet

Xuefei Chen Axelsson is an independent media person. She has been a journalist for 30 years. She studied English, International politics, and sustainable development. She has been to Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and America, Canada, France, Germany, Spain and all the nordic countries including Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Britain. She is good at talking with all kinds of people and exchange ideas and serves as a bridge between China and the world.

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