By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Stockholm, May 23(CED) — China’s efforts in stopping the war in Ukraine should be supported.

So far, only China didn’t join the action of supplying weapons to the Russian-Ukraine conflict. China has been neutral.

Chinese envoy Li Hui has visited Ukraine and he will continue to visit Poland, France and Russia. The purpose of the trip is to get to know the stance in various parties. If China is needed to do the mediation, then how will China do it? Li Hui has been sent out to find out where various parties stand.

Then there will be estimation to see how much China can help. Chinese president Xi Jinping has talked with Putin and asked him to talk with Ukraine and Russia did have four rounds of talks with Ukraine. Then with the help of Europe and US, especially with support of weapons, Ukraine stopped talking with Russia.

It is better the two side realize the losses they got and stop now where you are. But it seems to be unlikely.

By Chinaeuropenet

Xuefei Chen Axelsson is an independent media person. She has been a journalist for 30 years. She studied English, International politics, and sustainable development. She has been to Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and America, Canada, France, Germany, Spain and all the nordic countries including Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Britain. She is good at talking with all kinds of people and exchange ideas and serves as a bridge between China and the world.

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