Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Stockholm, Oct. 23(ChinaEurope) — Today Chinese President Xi Jinping talked about Korean War saying that China will use the language invaders understand.

These words came from Hu Xijin, Global Times chief editor who talked about Taiwan. So the understanding is to tell America that Taiwan is China’s domesic affairs, it is better the US should not involve.

The US keeps on selling weapons to Taiwan which stimulates the mainland’s determination. If Taiwan gets independent, it is a great harm to China’s national security and territory.

By Chinaeuropenet

Xuefei Chen Axelsson is an independent media person. She has been a journalist for 30 years. She studied English, International politics, and sustainable development. She has been to Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and America, Canada, France, Germany, Spain and all the nordic countries including Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Britain. She is good at talking with all kinds of people and exchange ideas and serves as a bridge between China and the world.

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