ABBA The Museum/Choir performing on stage at ABBA The Museum during the release of the album ABBA Voyage November 5, 2021.
ABBA The Museum and The Equality Project presents:ABBA costumes, the music and Ingmarie Halling return to Australia for exclusive performances through ABBA The Museum/Choir. The choir is a living act hailing from Sweden, spreading, and developing ABBA’s music through its performances. The choir will be making its debut performance in Australia at the Adelaide Fringe as part of ABBA The Museum’s partnership with the Equality Project and the upcoming Better Together 2023 National LGBTIQA+ Conference.The Choirs show at Adelaide Fringe will not only feature a one-hour set from the choir, which consists of 12 members, but will also include a display of costumes from ABBAs Australian tour in 1977. ”- I’m glad we have the museums choir to perform concerts in Australia. It’s just logical that a music museum should have their own choir or a band to represent them. We are proud of this collaboration with the Equality Project and can’t wait to see ABBA The Museum/Choir in Australia, a country close to ABBAs heart. Hopefully there will be more tours to come.”, says Caroline Fagerlind, Head of Exhibitions at ABBA The Museum. In addition to enjoying the music of the choir, attendees will also have the opportunity to hear stories from Ingmarie Halling, the Curator and Creative Director at ABBA The Museum. Halling, who was part of ABBA’s crew on the Australia tour in 1977, will share insights and anecdotes about ABBA, giving attendees a deeper understanding of the band and its enduring legacy. The event will also feature items from ABBA The Museum. “- For me this will be an amazing journey to Australia since I was there on tour with ABBA back in 1977 working with makeup and costumes. Now I get to come back, still with ABBA music but in the shape of the museums amazing choir. I think the choir really has its very own sound, vibrant, fun and well performed. Feels like all that ABBA stood for back in the day. Musicality, quality and personality is all solid ABBA foundations.”, says Ingmarie Halling, Creative Director at ABBA The Museum and “road manager” for the choir on tour in Australia. “- I am also very happy that all arrangements and recorded instrumental backgrounds is made by Göran Arnberg, longtime collaborator with Benny Andersson from ABBA. One thing that differs for me between this choir and others is that they all allow themselves to be individuals on stage, more like a band, and equally good all of them. It’s very exciting for us all to do this trip”, Ingmarie Halling continues. Come along and see ABBA’s musical treasures reimagined for the only, by ABBA, endorsed choir with arrangements written by Göran Arnberg. All proceeds from the event will go towards supporting the work of the Equality Project, a national charity that promotes health and wellbeing of LGBTIQA+ communities. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind event, which brings together the music, history, and culture of ABBA for a truly memorable experience!Walk In. Dance Out. About ABBA The Museum:
ABBA is one of the most successful pop groups of all time, having sold more than 380 million albums. At ABBA The Museum you can experience the band’s history, while taking part in it too by trying on virtual ABBA stage costumes, singing in the Polar Studio or mixing original music. You can also get up on stage with ABBA avatars and become the fifth member of ABBA. Enhance your museum experience with our unique Audioguide, featuring Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Frida narrating stories from their career.
Walk In. Dance Out.

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