Stockholm International Film Festival has come to an end on Sunday. There are 12 winners during the festival . See the details.

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Today, the 12 winners announced at the Stockholm International Film Festival 2022 are presented. This year’s big winner is the film Holy Spider by the Swedish-Danish-Iranian director Ali Abbasi, the film wins the Bronze Horse for Best Film and lead actor Mehdi Bajestani is named Best Male Actor for his part as the serial killer Saeed Hanaei, based on the real life “Spider Killer”. Frances O’Connor is awarded Best Director for her directorial debut Emily. Actress Anabelle Lengronne is named Best Actress for her role in Mother and Son. Icelandic director Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson is awarded the prize for Best Screenplay for his film Beautiful Beings.
The jury’s motivation for best film reads:

– A groundbreaking film that is done not only with enormous courage but with mastery that leaves us breathless; our insides both speechless and wanting to cream. A punch in the gut for systematic belief systems that oppress rather than support. An eye opener and a most emotional cinematic experience that awakens internal revolutions in us. For its moving performances, raw and uncompromising direction, brilliant and poignant screenplay we would like to present one of the strongest films we’ve seen in a long time with the Bronze Horse for Best Film: Holy Spider directed by Ali Abbasi.

Other awards, Best Documentary, go to Oscar-winning American director Laura Poitras for the film All the Beauty and the Bloodshed. Best Screenplay goes to Balthazar Lab for the film La Jauria. The international film critic jury FIPRESCI has chosen World War III by Houman Seyyedi as Best Film.

Actor Sara Shirpey, last seen in the SVT series En mot en, is named this year’s Zalando Rising Star 2022. Director SaraKlara Hellström is this year’s winner in the talent competition 1KM FILM and an honorary mention is awarded to director André Vaara.

The winners at the Stockholm International Film Festival 2022:


Best Film: Holy Spider by Ali Abbasi
Best Director: Emily by Frances O’Connor
Best Debut: Autobiography by Makbul Mubarak
Best screenplay: Beautiful Beings by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson
Best Actress: Mother and Son for actress Annabelle Lengronne
Best Male Actor: Mehdi Bajestani in Holy Spider
Best Screenplay: Balthazar Lab for La Jauria
Honorary mention: Pilar Palomero for La Maternal


Best Documentary: All the Beauty and the Bloodshed by Laura Poitras


Best Short Film: File by Sonia K. Hadad

The international film critics award FIPRESCI

Best Film: World War III by Houman Seyyedi

Zalando Rising Star Award 2022

Actress Sara Shirpey


1KM FILM winner: SaraKlara Hellström
1KM FILM honorary mention: André Vaara


 of Mira Hilfon LiungmanWorks in Progress
»Pride is not available in your region«byMaksym NachonechnyiWild Card
Simone Norberg
 for the film »Till Lydia«
Tess Quatri 
for the film »Like There Is No Tomorrow«
Vangelis Kollias for the film »How to Say Goodbye«

This year’s jury members for the Stockholm XXXIII Competition consist of the actor Alexej Manvelov, the film director and screenwriter Nathalie Álvarez Mesén, who has been awarded several times at the Guldbaggegala with the film Clara Sola (2021), including for best film, and the producer Erika Wasserman, who recently made her directorial debut with the film Året jag slutade prestera och började onanera ( 2022).

1KM FILM is a short film initiative aimed at promising filmmakers active in Sweden. The winner gets to make a short film that will be shown at next year’s festival. 1KM FILM is a collaboration between the Stockholm Film Festival, the Swedish Film Institute, Filmtech, Chimney, Dagsljus, Terrassen Post and Scen & Film.

For motivations and images, please see attached files in the press release on Mynewsdesk. In the past, prizes have been awarded such as the Stockholm Visionary Award to the star director Sir Sam Mendes, the Stockholm Achievement Award to Fares Fares, the Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award to Sir Anthony Hopkins, Nikon Short Film Award goes to Mira Hilfon Liungman from Malmö , and the Stockholm Film Marathon went to the student teacher Ida Kroner from Högdalen and the film lover Matilda Kanlén from Lindesberg. A total of 21 prizes will be awarded during the Stockholm International Film Festival 2022.

The following films will be able to be seen during the last days of the festival:


 of Makbul Mubarak – at 10.15, Sture 2

Mother and Son
 with actor Annabelle Lengronne – at 13.00, Sture 1

The Son with actor Sir Anthony Hopkins – at 15.15, Zita

Beautiful Beings
 by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson – at 15.30, Sture 1


Best Film, Holy Spider by Ali Abbasi – at 18.30, Sture 3 – at 18.00, Sture 1

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